Caring for your jewellery

Whilst there is nothing too special you need to do to keep your natural Eagle Eye Designs jewellery looking beautiful, some care does need to be taken to ensure its durability.

Remove crystal macramé jewellery before showering or swimming. Whilst you can briefly rinse the jewellery if ever need be, chlorine, some soaps, salt water etc may cause the cords to remove the wax coating as well as loosen their shape. Only put on your jewellery again after perfume and/or hair products have dried - as these may cause breakdown of the stones.

Remove jewellery before sleeping - tossing and turning in your sleep puts excess strain on your jewellery, causing it to become loose or fray. If you want to benefit from the crystal energy while sleeping, place the amulet next to your bed/pillow as this way your auras are still in contact.

Remove jewellery before doing any work that requires the use of cleaning agents. Household cleaners are often corrosive and may permanently damage your jewellery.

The macramé cord in Eagle Eye Designs jewellery is fade resistant so you can happily wear your macramé necklace in sunlight. However, do note that some crystals, such as Amethyst, are sensitive to sunlight and can fade. In this case, minimise sun exposure on these types of crystals.

When not in use, store your crystal jewellery in a dark place, out of direct sunlight, this is to keep it from rubbing against other objects and minimising tarnishing from humidity, as well as keeping your jewellery dust free.

For jewellery with copper wire - copper is likely to develop a distinctive patina. Patina is not a "defect", it is a natural by-product. If you do not like the patina effect, you can clean copper jewellery using naturally acidic ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, or ketchup. If your crystal comes into contact with the acid, be sure to neutralise the acid with a baking soda wash.

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